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Simon Key is a freelance cartoonist and painter. He is currently best known for his regular contributions to Private Eye magazine. You can check out some of his Private Eye collection here. Recently he was approached by Apple to do a series of cartoons.

Mr Key has exhibited at places ranging from The Victoria and Albert Museum to friendly venues across London including Pall Mall Fine Wine and Shampers Wine Bar (Mr. key feels wine and cartoons go hand in hand!). He has also been a contributor among other publications including The Guardian, The Times, Time Out, The Tablet and The Observer. He has been commissioned by various companies, designing logos and producing artwork for University College of London, The NHS, Brindisa, Asset Wines, Shampers Wine Bar, TV show 'Men Behaving Badly', and Eazytiger. He has also been commissioned by many private individuals to create bespoke cartoons and paintings to mark important events or as unusual gifts. His work has appeared on t-shirts, hugely scaled up PVC banners, ceramics, as 3-D realizations (a polar bear ice cream machine), on duvet covers, towels and greeting cards. ‘It’s the image that counts, not whether it’s painted in oils on the finest linen. Mind you the cotton we used for the duvet covers was very good quality…Egyptian I think.’